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Beyond 9 to 5: Negotiating For Flexibility In Your Role

Dive into the options of job flexibility and discover how you can effectively negotiate to shape your role. Whether you're aiming for remote work, a flexible schedule, or a condensed workweek, this webinar equips you with the strategies to achieve a better balance and ideal outcomes for all involved!

The AI Advantage: ChatGPT For Your Job Search

Designed for office professionals and executives, this webinar takes you on a journey through the exciting updates in AI, and how it can be applied to your job search and career growth.

From Busy To Brilliant: Productivity Strategies

During the webinar, you'll learn strategies to thrive in your busy role that will make a real difference in your every day. We’re sharing insights on finding your focus, managing your priorities, and how to maintain positive boundaries, while avoiding workplace drama by understanding the Karpman Drama Triangle. 

Career Planning

Plan a career that's fulfilling, meaningful, profitable, and one that you’ll be wildly successful at. In this webinar, we discuss how to grow your role strategically rather than being forced down a development path that only serves your current boss or workplace, be positioned as a successful professional and get on track for your dream job!

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

In this video, I’ll share the top 5 things to make your LinkedIn profile shine. We’ll look at how to choose a profile photo, create an engaging headline, connect with your network in your about me section, highlight your impact and results with your experience, and finally, how to boost your credibility with recommendations.

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