Focus on Your Goal - Habit #1/7

We've identified the 7 habits that are key contributors to building the joyous, meaningful, life-long career of your dreams. These habits might seem tiny, but their cumulative effect conquers mountains! Over the next 7 weeks, we will be sharing each one with you, and we'll also help you put it into practice with easy to implement tips and strategies. Here's the first one:

Habit #1/7: Focus on Your Goal

The first habit we want to share is the daily practice of bringing your goal into clear focus at the front of your mind. Keeping your goal at the forefront is a powerful habit to have, because it refocusses your mind. Let me explain what I mean…

Have you ever had a day like this…

Have you ever woken up, read an email first thing with a concerning issue in it, and for the rest of the day that’s what you focus on? It’s just the way the brain works! Your mind expands whatever you focus it on.

We know first hand how busy work days can spiral out of control when they start out like this. Lack of focus can lead to feeling overworked and under-excited, stressed and unorganised, exhausted, busy with keeping promises to everyone but yourself, and one step away from burnout... Can you relate?

That’s why focusing on the right things is so important

Whatever you ask your brain to focus on, it will expand it. It will find more and more energy and devote resources to that thing.

Focusing on your goal allows your mind to know what to look for throughout your day, your work week, and the entire year. You’re subliminally working in the background to keep yourself on track. Here's a little known truth: a person who focusses on what they want will achieve it.

Working harder isn't the answer

Hustling 24/7/365 isn't the solution for getting ahead in your career! Instead, focus on your goal and what's truly important, and be disciplined enough to ignore what's not.

Maintaining your focus allows you to cut through the distractions and devote your energy to the tasks that will get you closer to your success and the career of your dreams.

Don’t underestimate it!

This habit of daily focus on your goal is probably one of the simplest strategies you’ll ever learn. Yet to this day, I’ve found it to be one of the most profound resources you can have in building your career!

Remember: Your mind expands what you focus it on. Anyone who commits and focusses on what they want CAN achieve it.

But what if I don't have a clear goal to focus on?

We hear you! Goal setting can be a daunting prospect, especially if you've ever had that horrible experience of setting a goal that became nothing but a rod for your back. Some goals you just don't know how to even get started on!

Chances are, you may have been left feeling frustrated, vaguely guilty and ultimately de-motivated by poorly set goals in the past. We've got a strategy to help you with that: find our START Strategy here.

Make it a Habit

Daily habit to build the career of your dreams #1/7: Focus on your goal each morning, keep it visible in your workspace and bring your attention back to it whenever you get busy or distracted throughout the day.

Ask yourself:

- What needs to happen for this to succeed?

- What is the first small step I need to take right now?

Focussing on your goals is a key habit to develop to build the career of your dreams. Success comes from setting the right goals, and making a habit of prioritising them every day. Because remember, a person who focusses on what they want will achieve it!

Next week: we'll be sharing habit 2/7, Practicing Appreciation

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