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Program Print Pack

Program Print Pack

Elevate your learning experience with the Program Print Pack.

This comprehensive bundle is designed to complement our online course, providing printed copies of all the course downloads and everything you'll need to actively engage with our coaching content and strategies.


It's perfect for tactile learners, those who prefer jotting down notes by hand, or simply those who appreciate the convenience and tangibility of traditional study materials.


The Print Pack contains:

  • Complete Program Workbook: Encompassing all activities and worksheets from the online course, this workbook is filled with stimulating exercises, information, and valuable resources to help you progress through your career journey. It provides an easy reference guide that you can revisit at any time.


  • Glossy A3 Weekly Planner: Stay on top of your career planning with this beautifully designed inspirational planner. Each page provides an overview of your weekly tasks, goals and reflections, helping you apply the principles from the program and maintain a focus on your progress and achievements.


  • Slimline Pen: A sleek, elegant pen that glides effortlessly over the page, allowing you to jot down thoughts, ideas, or insights as they arise during your study sessions. It's lightweight, comfortable to hold, and offers a smooth writing experience.


  • Organising Folder: Keep your program materials, notes, and ideas organised and in one place with our beautiful folder. It offers storage for your manual, weekly planner, and any additional note papers you may have.


The Program Print Pack gives you the freedom to move between online and offline study. It provides a holistic approach to your career development journey, allowing for a deeper, more engaging learning experience.


See you in the program!

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