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Be Less Busy & Become Successful

3 SECRETS every BUSINESS OWNER needs to KNOW to create a business that is joyous, productive and purposeful!

Thursday 17th March

12 - 1pm (AWST)

Register ☝️ and learn how to create profound changes to your small business and your life, develop your focus and direction, and get more done with way less stress - guaranteed.


Who is this event for?

Do any of the following sound familiar...

"I’m always running out of time and feeling overwhelmed"
"I feel frustrated about my business and my life"
"I’m always stressed out" ...

... if you said "Yes" to any of the above, this event is for YOU!

Join this 60min Online Event to ...

🤩 Be less busy and achieve more at work and at home

🤩 Learn to live distraction free and focus on the things that truly matter

🤩 Live on purpose and power yourself towards your ultimate success

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Join us online!

Create a clear plan and system to truly master your time for a joyous life, that is productive and purposeful. 

You Will Learn How To.....


Be less busy and achieve more at work and at home


Live distraction free and focus on the things that truly matter



Live on purpose and power yourself towards your ultimate success

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Join this event to create balance in your world, find freedom in your life and create the business and life YOU desire. 

By the end of this 60 minute event, you will have a crystal clear one page plan with easy to follow first steps to ensure your continued success. 

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Meet your presenter,
Trinity James

Business Coach with

10+ Years of Professional Experience.

Trinity is an incredibly positive and energetic business coach.

Trinity has worked in a broad range of industries spanning finance, town planning, construction, development, sales and consumer products. Her accomplishments include developing a virtual training program for Bunnings international during COVID-19.

Trinity has the ability to inspire your ultimate vision for the future and create a clear pathway towards it. She supports you to set your intention from an expansive energy of gratitude rather than being limited by fear, to create a successful small business and life that you love. 

Trinity is passionate about providing clarity and transparency on your personal path to success!

What People Say

I'm a videographer and my business is Silver Key Films. Before I met Trinity, I had never written down any specific goals or plans for my business and the thought of working on that was very daunting.

During Trinity's lead generation program I was able to refine my target market, goals, identify areas to focus on and work on my follow up process. I found the group coaching motivating because we were able to bounce ideas around with other business owners and give each other feedback each week. Throughout the program, Trinity gave us loads of tips and statistics which have changed the way I respond to new leads.

If you need help with clarifying your goals, creating a plan and just having someone to check in and motivate you, then I highly recommend chatting with Views Professional Development.

Olivia Spear

Frequently asked questions

Is it REALLY Free? Why?

Yes, because we use the "Freemium" marketing method. Like Google, Authentic Education, and many companies these days, we deliver great value for FREE and a small % of people decide to learn more about our premium, paid programs.

Will this course be worth my time?

Of course! The content is specific to what's working right now for small business owners in Australia. It’s based on our combined over 50 years business and education experience and from us applying dozens of strategies and training hundreds of people across Australia and New Zealand. In short, it’s based on strategies that get results. (Note: This is not boring theory you have heard before or one big sales pitch. You will get massive value and gain valuable skills & knowledge throughout the event.)

Who are Views Professional Development?

Views Professional Development was established in 2019 with 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google. The co-founders Trinity James and Andrea Harries have been featured in media such as Thrive Global, Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL), and have enabled small business owners just like you all across Australia and New Zealand to create successful businesses that they LOVE!

How soon will I see results?

Everyone's situation is unique, but most small business owners establish clairty and feel inspired within the first half of the event. Other people see more tangible results immediately after the event as they use our Plan on a Page to apply the strategies to their work. See a few of our reviews on our About page!

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Join this Online
60 min event to...

✅ Create profound changes to your small business and your life

✅ Develop your focus and direction
✅ Live on purpose while powering yourself towards your ultimate success

⭐️ BONUS ⭐️ 
You'll receive a copy of our Intention Setting 1 pager to implement your new skills right away!

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100% Happiness Guarantee

We guarantee that if, after implementing our simple and easy to follow strategy and completing all of our action steps, you have not created permanent, positive changes and increased performance in at least one key area of your life within 3 months of this event, we will give you a $500 gift voucher to get you a result!