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Influence & Negotiation Skills

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A negotiation is a conversation in which you want to get something. The goal is to find a way to agreement and this requires many skills including: active listening, curiosity, creativity, effective communication, assertiveness, empathy, managing emotions, problem solving, diagnostic questioning, anchoring and framing. Setting up an Influential Posse (Your internal and external network), will assist you in knowing the decision makers that will help you accomplish your goals. ⭐️ Program Highlights⭐️ 🔹 Understanding negotiation 🔹 Developing the right mindset 🔹 Creating your Influence Posse 🔹 Preparations necessary for negotiations 🔹 The Negotiation Framework 🔹 Your Opening Statement 🔹 Getting Through and Past "NO" 🔹 Negotiating outside the office 🔹 Essential negotiation tips and strategies 🔹 1:1 Coaching Session - During this session, we'll be answering any questions you might have and fine-tuning the skills you've recently acquired to help you maintain and further build upon your progress. ⭐️ With our Online Program and individual Coaching Session, we'll give you the toolkit and structure you need to achieve life-changing results!

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