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We know our career coaching services deliver outstanding results - but don't just take it from us! Hear our recent client success stories demonstrating what we can help you achieve.

Returning to work after kids

A dedicated mum and aspiring medical receptionist was feeling anxious and uncertain re-entering the workforce after a family-focused break. That's when she came to me for assistance with Resume and Cover Letter writing services. 

Together, we turned her journey into a compelling narrative, highlighting the rich, transferable skills she acquired both in her previous roles and as a stay-at-home mum.

The result? A revamped resume that got her multiple interview calls and, ultimately, a job at a supportive company that respects her need for work-life balance. 

"You did amazing! I am happy working...they are super supportive and flexible with the kids," she texted.

This victory is a beautiful reminder that our diverse life experiences bring immense value to our careers. I loved seeing her courage rewarded with a successful new role! 

Testimonial Meg.png

Acing a highly competitive job interivew

A talented professional eyeing a highly competitive role in his field, he knew he was going to be up against some very capable applicants. He understood that to outshine the crowd, he needed to demonstrate his unique value in THE most compelling way.

He approached me for interview preparation coaching, wanting help to articulate his standout skills and experiences. Together, we strategised his delivery so he presented confidently. We prepared impactful anecdotes that showcased EXACTLY what made him the perfect person for the role. 

The outcome? A confident client who not only nailed his interview, but also secured his dream job! 

"Very happy with the high level of professionalism provided by Trinity for my recent interview coaching. I recommend the service for anyone at any level looking to improve their interview skills."

This story really highlights the power of effective interview preparation in securing competitive roles. It's not just what you bring to the table, but also how you present it!

Testimonial Josh.png

Resume writing that gets interviews!

Christina came to me wanting to land a senior executive assistant role but was struggling to get any call backs from her applications. She had taken some time off work to work on personal projects and was looking for a remote job that would allow her to continue working on those projects while also earning a stable income.

When I reviewed her applications, I realised that her resume was outdated, and her experience wasn't aligned with her desired role. However, I knew that she had transferrable skills that would make her an ideal candidate with relevant experience, skills, and adaptability. So, I took on the task of rewriting her resume and cover letter to showcase her strengths and highlight her accomplishments. I also optimised for relevant keywords, ensuring her documents made it through any automated screening systems.

She is now receiving numerous call backs from companies interested in her skillset. She landed interviews and is considering multiple job offers!

I am so thrilled to have been able to help my client achieve her career goals. It's incredibly rewarding to see her hard work and potential recognised, getting her on track for her dream job and lifestyle.

Testimonial Christina.jpeg

Urgent Interview Preparation

An executive assistant was applying for the position to the CEO of an investment firm. With only two hours' before her final interview, she reached out to me for assistance with a written test required for the meeting. The questions covered 6 job specific scenarios and required her to describe the exact process she would follow to address each issue.

I jumped on a zoom call with her to discuss her draft and all the details. I then helped her develop responses to each question. 

After our session, she was able to effectively communicate her experience and qualifications for the position. She felt fully prepared and confident going into the interview and could focus on being her positive, bubbly self!


I'm thrilled to have been a part of her success and I know that she will thrive in her new role!

Testimonial Jen.jpeg

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