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About Us

- transform your dream career into a successful, life-long reality -


Andrea and I understand that your career is more than just a job – it's a pathway to a fulfilling and meaningful life. We started Views PD when we saw many people around us were working hard in their careers, but feeling frustrated because they weren’t getting results. We know that working 24/7 is not the answer! That's why we're so passionate about helping you transform your job into the career and lifestyle of your dreams.


With decades of experience in business, learning and development, and education, we combine evidenced based training with real world experience to fast-track your success. Our signature coaching programs empower you to transform your dream career and life into reality.


Reach out to us today to learn how you can create the results you desire in your career, and life, fast!

About: About Us
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Trinity James

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Results Coach and Business Founder

Hi there! I'm Trinity, your go-to coach for all things career-related in sunny Perth. Imagine having someone by your side to guide you through your professional journey - that's me! With over 10 years in the coaching biz, I've helped people from all sorts of fields, from finance to construction, find their true calling and create that perfect work-life balance.

As a mum of two, I love spending my weekends at the beach or browsing the local Farmer's Market. I bring this same joy and positivity to coaching, where I'm all about helping you find a career that you're not just good at, but one that you love.

Feeling stuck or dreaming of that next big step? I'm here to help you focus, balance, and find alignment with your values. I know that you can have a career and a life you love, and I’m here to help you achieve that! 🌟

Andrea Harries

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Training Specialist with 30+ Years of Professional Experience

Let me introduce our fantastic training specialist, Andrea! Andrea has consistently brought passion and dedication to achieving results for our clients every single day. Her background, experience and genuine care for our client's success makes her a perfect fit as our Training Specialist.

Andrea's passion is to empower high-achieving professionals to create a successful careers that they truly thrive in. She has over 30 years experience in education, first as a teacher, then as the Director of Quality Teaching and Learning. She has also written a book for the Department of Education and run many seminars and tutorials for the AIS Australian Independent Schools.


More recently, Andrea has developed Views PD programs and courses at the highest level. Andrea enjoys working alongside people, no matter the age, and equipping them to start living their best life!

Andrea Harries Business Coach Session.jpeg
About: Staff
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Our Vision and Mission

We work with high-achievers like you to transform the career of your dreams into a successful, life-long reality.

We do this utilising our signature FAST-Track© system, the fastest way to achieve transformational results in your career and life.


Ou results-driven approach to coaching equips you with the toolkit you need to achieve your goals, while also having fun and living your best life!

About: Our Mission


We know our coaching delivers results, but don't just take it from us! Hear from the clients we help every single day...

About: Headliner

Trinity would always go above and beyond when we worked together, would provide all the information I needed and was simply a joy to work with. 

Yes, Trinity is great at business development, but that's only the start of her tremendous skill set. She should be your go-to person for anything improvement and growth-related.

Rob D.

I’ve been receiving so many hits on my resume! Trinity, thank you so much! I’m looking forward to working with you on my interview prep!"

Christina T.

Portrait of Businesswoman
Interview Coaching Trinity.png

Michael D.

I highly recommend Trinity. For anyone looking for support, structure and confidence in interviews - she's great.


Kaye S.

Great service by Trinity. She has provided a professional and bespoke service within my timeframe. I will definitely recommend her to all professionals applying for jobs with specific selection criteria requirements. Thank you Trinity.

Presentation Coaching.png

Caroline O.

Trinity is patient and communicates effectively to understand our needs. She is promptly available to answer questions and is open to suggestions. I got so much out of our session and I feel what I learned will really benefit my career.

Program Reviews
Sharon Gleeson.png

Hi, my name's Sharon. I'm Certified Health Coach and I own an Arbonne business. Before I met Trinity, I was feeling stuck and unsure about all the various methods for generating leads for my business.  The Views PD coaching program, gave me the space and the tools to work through each of the different marketing methods and to work out which ones I would use to promote my business.

As a business owner we can get so caught up in the day-to-day so I found it helpful having some structure and accountability and an action plan each week to work through the action steps I needed to take.  Now I feel much clearer about how to reach my target audience and have more confidence when it comes to

lead generation strategies.

 If anyone needs any help with developing a plan to build their business and is looking for someone to provide some guidance, structure, support and accountability, I would definitely recommend you speak with Trinity and Views Professional Development.

Sharon Gleeson

Jackie Wickham.jpeg

Jackie Wickham

Hi, my name's Jackie. I'm a business owner and gift giving specialist at Margaret River to You.
Before I met Trinity, I was feeling overwhelmed, anxious, I was working too hard and still not getting results, I felt stuck and knew I needed help.
During the Views PD coaching program, I have overcome roadblocks and achieved much needed results, I have increased motivation and clarity on what is needed for me to move forward.
Trinity has put in place crystal clear plans so I may achieve goals.
Also Trinity works on many different areas of business, I keep thinking why didn’t I think of these strategies before, the answer to that is there are so many different areas of business to navigate, you can not possibly do it on your own, and you can not reasonably hope to be an expert in all fields, hence you need to get one!
Prior to joining the coaching program, I had heard raving reviews from others already using Views PD coaching service, they shared results that I could only have dream of, it became apparent, I also needed Trinity’s help.
I now feel I have purposeful direction, Trinity has a real focus on self care and I have to say, I am finally enjoying a balance between business and life, I am more energised and positive, Trinity has helped me to grow a better version of me, and I love it!
If anyone needs any help with mindset, feeling overwhelmed, progressing in their business or any part of their life, I would definitely recommend you speak with Trinity and Views PD.
Thank you so much Trinity.


My name is Siobhan, I am a Pilates Instructor & business owner. 
Before I met Trinity I was feeling overwhelmed starting a brand new business.

Trying to navigate all of the information out there, not only setup steps but also in an age of Social Media, how best to represent myself on Social Media Platforms, was causing me a lot of stress.
During the PD Views coaching program I was able to learn, in bite-size chunks, how best to brand myself, find out my business values and learn which platforms were going to

work best for me.

Now I feel confident that I have the right tools to help determine what I want my business to be.

If anyone needs help with taking some of the stress and confusion out of setting up a new business and wants a simple & effective approach to Social Media,

I would highly recommend Views PD.

Siobhan Burr

Truly, thank you for being so supportive and encouraging. Your course has given me so much structure, stability, insight and confidence!

I learnt so much from our session, you have a way of explaining this which makes so much sense to me.

You simplify things in a clear way and your creative ways make it fun to listen!

My perspective and direction in life feels like it has come into fruition effortlessly.

Susie Views PD Testimonial Business Coac

Susie Marie

Emma Photo.jpg

5 Star Rating on Google Reviews

About: Testimonials
David Pickering.jpeg

David Pickering

"Extremely professional service offered by Trinity and Andrea."

Highly recommended. Found the social media marketing to be extremely worthwhile even though I thought I knew a lot about it I learned even more!

I love that they don't charge for absolutely everything either which showed me they genuinely care about the outcome of their clients.

Great value and worth ever cent.

Skill Set Reviews

This program provided skills that enhanced collaboration with my colleagues and I feel will positively be transferable into my personal walk in life also. As a senior teacher, it has been an encouragement to consider how I can develop and foster problem solving skills in my own students. This program has also provided me with the skills and confidence to take on more leadership roles!

Emma Heine

Cynthia Jobe-Parker.jpeg

I greatly enjoyed completing the program. I have found many of the skills I learnt will be transferrable in both my professional and personal life. I am interested in taking advantage of the learning pathways that Views PD offers and am looking forward to beginning their next recommended program.

Cynthia Jobe-Parker

Vikki W.png

Thank you for coaching me through this very comprehensive program. The section on Critical Thinking was excellent. The self-paced approach was easy to fit around the demands of my job with each unit instantly utilised in my workplace, personal life and every day thinking.I am looking forward to future quality training with Views!

Vicki Wickert


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