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If you're wanting more flexibility, happiness and joy in your career, you're in the right place!

We help ambitious women juggle their careers with busy home lives, so you can the best of both worlds!

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The Secrets of A Successful, Flexible and Fulfilling Career

What would you do with a 20% raise?


Or an extra 10 hours flexibility per week?

These are the kind of results we get for working women every day.

With our coaching programs, you'll learn the steps to take not just to earning more, but to achieving freedom in your lifestyle so you can easily work with your responsibilities at home.

Our clients report an average increase of 20-30% in their job satisfaction through our coaching programs.

That sense of assurance when your professional life is on track to be exactly how you want it to be – it's within your reach.


These strategies will change your career!

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I’ve been receiving so many hits on my resume! Trinity, thank you so much! I’m looking forward to working with you on my interview prep!



If you need help with clarifying your goals, creating a plan and just having someone to check in and motivate you, then I highly recommend chatting with Views Professional Development.

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I have overcome roadblocks and achieved much needed results, I have increased motivation and clarity on what is needed for me to move forward.
Trinity has put in place crystal clear plans so I may achieve goals. 



Truly, thank you for being so supportive and encouraging. Your course has given me so much structure, stability, insight and confidence!
My perspective and direction in life feels like it has come into fruition effortlessly.

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Are you wanting to achieve a successful career and truly fulfilling lifestyle? 

Welcome, I'm Trinity, your dedicated career coach in Perth. At Views PD, we specialise in helping professionals like you take the next step in their careers.


Are you feeling trapped in your current role, or seeking that next big promotion? Maybe you're searching for a deeper sense of fulfilment and purpose in your career? Our personalised career coaching services are just what you need.

We are dedicated to your professional success. Our approach isn't just a quick fix, but a commitment to your long-term career growth and happiness.


So, if you're ready to shape your career path and reach your professional goals, you're in the right place!

We guarantee that our work will


We have the know-how you need to make positive change in your career.

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FREE Mini-Series

Join our 2 week email series and be inspired by the stories of successful women who have been there, done that, and shaped their career to work with their life, not against it.

It's 100% free - be inspired to shape your, on your terms.

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