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3 Quick Ways to Feel Happier at Work

Updated: May 28, 2021

Find yourself with a smile on your face this week…

Because if you want your business to thrive and make a positive impact, you need to actually enjoy what you do!

Because working isn’t just a “necessary evil” to pay the bills. With the right structure in place, you can find joy in your everyday. Not only that, you’ll make everyone around you feel happier too, and as we all know, strong business relationships are the key to success in any industry!

When you apply what you learn from this article, you’ll find yourself smiling throughout the week – and maybe even share the joy with others too. Because being happy is good for you, good for others, and good for business!

Tip #1 Create a To-Do List for the Day

Once you’ve checked for action items, take a few minutes to make a to-do list for the day. This gives you a picture of how your time will be used, what resources you will need, and any other people you may need to involve. How you set up your to-do list is up to you – whether it’s by most pressing items first, “low hanging fruit” (easily completed items) first, or some other system (I personally use our Plan on a Page – you can download a copy for free here). Whatever you use, what’s important is that you create a list so that you have a plan for the day.

While your plan may have to change to accommodate emerging needs or unexpected events, having a plan means you can get back on track when the immediate crisis has passed. Keep your list manageable, and limit it to just what you will work on today – that way the list doesn’t become overwhelming and discouraging.

It’s such a great feeling ticking those items off throughout the day! Celebrate the small achievements.

Tip #2 Take Time to Socialise

It may sound like exactly the opposite of what you should be doing at work, but take the time to socialise with others during your day. Strong business relationships are the key to success in any industry!

Take a few minutes to call a colleague when you refill your coffee cup. Ask a coworker how her day is going. You want to keep these interactions relatively brief so that you are still accomplishing work, but also long enough to make a meaningful connection.

Many people also find they are happier at work if they take the time to socialise with coworkers outside of work hours, whether by meeting for dinner regularly or otherwise sharing non-work time together. Whether you choose to limit your socialisation to work hours, or you choose to spend time with coworkers away from the workplace, it is key to have interactions that aren’t wholly centred on work.

Getting to know your clients, customers and colleagues as people, and letting them get to know you as a person, helps you feel connected. This can make you a much happier person at work! And it will certainly build a stronger business network too.

Tip #3 Practice Professional Courage

One of the greatest things you can do for your own professional development and happiness is practice professional courage. Professional courage involves directly and productively addressing conflicts, advocating for yourself and others on your team, and otherwise dealing directly and proactively with potential problems.

It can be difficult to practice professional courage, as it involves taking risks – it can seem easier to let a conflict go unaddressed or to accept the status quo. However, allowing conflict to be unresolved or your needs to go unmet can breed resentment and undermine productivity and happiness.

Professional courage helps to promote open communication. It also ensures that resentments and grudges do not fester. Learning to practice professional courage is a leadership skill which directly impacts the happiness of yourself and those around you in your business!

If you’d like to dive into this a bit deeper, you can reach out to me anytime for a totally free, no obligation strategy session.

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