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Updated: Jul 22

Daily habits to build the career of your dreams #3/7: Build your professional network by making 1 new strategic connection each day.

We're sharing the 7 daily habits that will help you grow the fulfilling, successful career of your dreams. Here's the third one: build your professional network.

Having a strong professional network has always been important, but in the digital age, it's becoming even more important to connect. As of 2022, LinkedIn has 810 million users worldwide!

Your connected professional network will become a source of collaboration, opportunities, feedback, resources and much more throughout your career. 

To consistently grow and strengthen your network, aim to reach out to one new connection every day. Keep reading for how to make this an easy daily habit....

Here's how to Create New Connections

There's several different ways you can strategically grow your network in person and online using platforms such as LinkedIn. Consider building your connections by specific industry, role title, or by reaching out to your 2nd level connections through your existing network. 

When creating your strategy, think about what you want your professional network to look like. Define your goals for building your network, and take into account the next steps you want to take in your career. Then, decide what feels right in terms of making connections to support this.

There are 4 key messages you can send when connecting with someone:

1- Custom Connection Request. Don't send blank invitations to connect! When asking to connect, always provide a short personalised introduction and a reason behind your request.

2- Introduction Message. Send a follow up message within 48 hours of connecting with someone. The conversation should mainly be around learning more about your new contact (EG: thanks for connecting, tell me more about your current role).

3- Opportunity Message. In the next message, you may identify opportunities such as the type of projects or collaborations you can support your new contact with. This message is to show them how your connection can benefit both of you. In this message, it's often a good idea to have a call to action and end with (EG: I look forward to hearing from you).

4- Reminder Message. If a message is left on read, don't take offence. We're all busy! Most people will take the opportunity to respond if they have a reminder. It’s a little bit like a nudge: "Hi I’m just following up on my previous message…”

Make it a Habit

Time to put this into practice! By making one strategic connection each day, you'll steadily grow your professional network and sphere of influence in your industry. Keep the habit going!

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