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Find Focus with your Team during times of change

If 2022 so far could be summed up in a word, 'change' pretty much covers it for many of us!

In this article, we're sharing a powerful strategy for finding clear focus with your team during times of change. It's all about removing distractions, setting a clear intention, and finding and maintaining focus to achieve it as a team.

What we are seeing is that, even as restrictions ease, the constant environment of change has many struggling to find their focus. This lack of focus can lead to feeling overworked and under-excited, stressed and super unorganised, exhausted, busy with keeping promises to everyone but ourselves, one step away from burnout and practically terrified about having to add an extra thing to our task list!

Here's some interesting current statistics from the Psychological Association:

  • 79% of employees have experienced work-related stress

  • 3 in 5 employees report negative impacts of work-related stress, including lack of interest, motivation, or energy at work

  • 36% reported cognitive weariness

  • 32% reported emotional exhaustion, and

  • 44% reported physical fatigue, which is a 38% increase since 2019.

  • 42% of women reported feeling often or almost always burned out, up from 32% last year

  • AND - Nearly half of all working women have considered leaving the workforce or downshifting their career!

This permanent state of stress, exhaustion and burnout is having ripple effects effecting productivity, talent retention, and happiness at work and at home.

It's time for us to reconsider our outlooks and strategies. That's what we want to share with you today - how to establish clear focus for your team in the midst of all this change.

We need to find our focus. And most importantly, help our team to do the same!

Fundamentally, what we know, is that if you’re able to focus your mind on a single point, life becomes a bit easier to handle. Setting a clear intention will focus your energy and determine your outlook.

The more focused you and your team are, the more primed you are to remove distractions and achieve the results you want. This kind of focus allows you to overcome overwhelm, and devote the energy necessary to succeed.

Energy flows where focus goes.

Finding Focus for your Team

Make finding clear focus a habit for yourself and your team. Including this in a regular meeting, such as your daily huddle or morning catch up session, is a great way to make it a lasting habit. Here's how:

  • To set a positive focus, start by highlighting something that you and your team can feel grateful for. Try creating a sense of achievement for your team by bringing to mind a recent task they succeeded at.

  • From there, harnessing that energy of positivity and gratitude, set a focus for the day. This can be a single word, or a short sentence describing the daily intention for the team.

Maintain focus by having it visible and at the forefront in the workspace. Encourage your team to come back to it whenever they get busy or distracted throughout the day. Key questions to ask:

  • What needs to happen for this to succeed?

  • What is the first small step you need to take right now?

  • How can you bring the daily focus to the forefront in all you do, think & speak?

Take Action

Would you like to improve your career and personal life with more strategies to further your success and happiness?

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