How to Move Forward with Certainty

One of the most underrated secrets is to start before you're ready. Marie Forleo

2022 has already been a year of change for many of us. Change resulting from circumstances that have eventuated through little fault of our own.

Have you ever felt helpless or frustrated by change or uncertainty?

However, the truth of the matter is that every morning we wake up is truly a miracle. And to that end, let's focus on embracing life and moving forward with certainty! Now is not the time to stop or allow yourself to feel frustrated, now is YOUR time to start and move forward with certainty!

The START Strategy

We want to share our START strategy with you, so can gain certainty on your direction and move forward on your goals today.

Waiting until you believe you are 'ready' will only create a backlog of tasks, which will quickly build into a sea of impossible waters that demand to be chartered. It's not always easy, but as Marie Forleo says, the secret is to just start!

START is an acronym that stands for Specificity, Timing, Achievability, Reasons and Three Actions. This is how it works:


State your goal or intention using a brief, specific event that lets you know for certain that you have achieved your ideal outcome. For example, if your goal was to live in a house on the beach, your statement could be, "I am listening to the sound of the waves and looking out my kitchen window across the sand while I make my morning coffee."

Try beginning this part of the sentence with "I am..." or "I have..."

It's important to define your desired outcome as specifically as possible. The reason for this is that your brain needs to be able to imagine it so that you can turn your goal back into action.


State the exact date you wish the outcome to occur. Try beginning this part of the sentence with "It is now..."

Have a time attached to your goal so you know what you are working towards. This might be a fixed date, or cyclical (such as in the case of a weekly habit goal).


If you never achieve your goals, try breaking them down into something smaller. On the other hand, if you find yourself reaching your goals easily or before schedule, try challenging yourself to achieve greater results with a larger goal!


Infuse your goal with really good reasons for why you want to achieve it. Being crystal clear on your reason for the goal gives you the inspiration and encouragement you need to put in the effort to achieve it!

Three Actions

Write the first three steps you need to take to get started on achieving this goal.

Try starting this part of the sentence with "The first three actions I took towards successfully achieving this goal were..."

Stating exactly what the first few steps are will give you momentum and begin the snowball effect of creating this outcome in your life.

Here's an example:

It is now the 19th of March and I have just achieved a promotion to be the first female c-suite executive in my company. The reason this goal was important to me is because I want to be a fantastic role-model for my daughters and create a better world for them to grow up in.

The first three actions I took towards successfully achieving this goal were:

1. Adjusting my presentation delivery to be targeted for their DISC communication style

2. Practising my pitch on three people I already knew for feedback

3. Making space in my calendar to build key relationships each week

Over to You

Now is your time to move forward with certainty. Use the START strategy to gain certainty on your outcome and the first steps you need to gain momentum to achieve it! Whether big or small, get started on your goal using our strategy this week.

Your Next Step

Would you like to learn more about how to confidently move forward each day?

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