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Your Career Purpose: How To Identify Your Version Of Success

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

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Are you the type of person who knows what they want in life? Do you know exactly what makes you happy, and are you constantly pursuing it? If so, that’s great! But if not, we have something for you.

You need to know the big picture, especially if you are considering a change in your career. A job search requires a lot of effort and time to find the right opportunity. From the outset, it is important to understand who you are and what drives you. This clarity will guide your career path and finding a job that aligns with these values will be easier. Knowing your purpose for working helps build confidence in yourself as well as your future career choices. Read on to learn more about how identifying this can help your job search.

In this article, we will assist you to understand your purpose for working. This clarity will guide your career path to help you make the right decisions in your job search. We'll cover:

Why is it important to know your purpose for working?

When you know what drives you, it becomes easier to make decisions. It will also help you find the right career path. Finding a job or career path that matches your purpose is a great way to increase your satisfaction with your work life. You may also find that you earn higher salaries when you are using your strengths and interests in your career. This is because people who are happier with their work are also generally more productive. So, identifying your purpose for working can help you make better career choices in the long run.

Plus, it can also help you make smarter decisions during a job search. Knowing what drives you can help you filter out the jobs that don’t match your purpose. This can help you save time and increase your chances of getting hired.

Knowing your purpose for working will help you make better career choices. It can also help you decide if a job offer is right for you. It can help you decide if you should stay in a particular job, or if you should make a career change. Knowing your purpose for working can also serve as motivation to stick at it when the going gets tough.

Common purposes for working

No two people are the same. We all have different values, passions and interests. This diversity is what makes the world an interesting place. It also makes it challenging to find the right job and career path.

To get you thinking, here are some common purposes for job seekers to consider:

  1. Meaning - I want to find a more meaningful and fulfilling role. It's important to me to utilise my creativity, skills, abilities, and energies that will not only benefit myself but will help others also.

  2. Recognition - I want to position myself as an expert or leader in an area I'm genuinely passionate about. It is my aim to make a valuable and lasting contribution to my community and have an impact in my industry.

  3. Financial - I want to increase my earning potential, get out of debt and save money for the future.

  4. Lifestyle - I want to create the work-life balance I desire. I am working towards a position where I can meet new people, travel, learn new skills and gain new experiences.

The 5 questions to ask yourself to define your purpose for working

Everyone’s purpose for working is different. To define yours, begin by identifying your big life goals in terms of how you want to spend your time on a daily basis, and the kind of money you need or want to earn.

Defining your purpose for working and establishing a clear vision of your future are keys to your professional success.

Use the following prompts and write your answers down:

  1. Describe your current situation i.e. what are you doing in your career, home and personal life that you feel is important and meaningful?

  2. What are your interests? Is there anything that you would like to explore more in your life or career?

  3. Are there certain goals you want to reach in terms of spending time with family, freedom to travel, flexibility in schedule, financial goals or creative goals? Write down your next big life goals or priorities.

  4. If you could paint the picture of your perfect work day, from start to finish, what would that look like? How would you spend your time? What activities would you be doing? List the types of tasks and projects that you want to spend time on.

  5. Create a list of your passions and interests, as well as a list of your dreams and goals. Highlight the items stand out to you as most important for your happiness.

Based on your answers, what are the most important reasons you have for working?

  1. ________________________________________________________________

  2. ________________________________________________________________

  3. ________________________________________________________________

3 key considerations to take into account

Gaining clarity on your purpose for working will help you discover what drives you. It will also help you identify the things that you need in a job.

Consider the following 3 points as you begin your job search journey:

1. Do you want a job that lets you grow?

Finding a job that lets you use and develop your skills is a great way to get the most out of your career.

Progress equals happiness. - Tony Robbins

When you find a job that uses your skills, it gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. It also helps boost your confidence. When you know that you are growing as a person, it can help you feel more useful. This in turn can increase your motivation to contribute and thrive in your job.

Ongoing professional development and skills training helps you build a more successful career in the long run. Developing your skills will create opportunities for you to get promoted more quickly. A broad set of transferrable skills also makes it easier to find a new job if you want to switch careers in the future.

2. Do you want to make an impact or help others in your work?

If you identify that you want to work with a certain group of people, that is a great way to narrow the focus of your job search. You can use your interests and passions to make a difference in the world. When you spend your day helping others, it can make you feel like your work is worth something. For example, you can find a job that helps people who are in need. Or, you can find a job that helps to make our planet a better place to live.

Choosing a job that lets you help other people is a great way to find meaning in your work. It can also help you find motivation and inspiration when you are going through a difficult time, and make you feel more satisfied with your work.

3. Do you want to work in a certain industry or sector?

If you want to work in a certain industry or sector, that can also be a great way to find a job. You can use your interests and passions to make a difference in the world. You can choose an industry that helps people or the environment. You can also choose an industry that is financially rewarding.

Finding a job in a certain industry that aligns with your purpose is a great way to ensure your career path will be fulfilling long term.

Summary and further assistance in defining your purpose for working

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding meaning in your work. What works for one person may not work for others. So, find a way to get to know yourself better that works for you. Once you know who you are and what drives you, finding a job that aligns with these values will be easier. This will help guide your career path. It will also make your job search easier and filter out the jobs that don’t match your purpose.

Identifying your purpose for working will help you determine the types of jobs you will truly thrive in, sell yourself well and present your skills and experience as an attractive option to potential employers. Having a clear vision of what success looks like for you will help you make the right decisions about your career. Your answers will give you the focus you need to avoid procrastination and keep working towards your landing your new job!

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