Prioritise Your Wellbeing using Self-Care Habits

Daily habits to build the career of your dreams #4/7: prioritise your long-term wellbeing by practising self-care. Make a it a habit to take 5 minutes for yourself each day.

Self-care isn't selfish, it's actually an important factor in long term success. Remember, you can't pour from an empty cup! Self-care is essential for your wellbeing. Also, taking time each day to do one thing you love and enjoy goes a long way toward fostering happiness, and what dream-career doesn't include feeling happy?

You deserve to feel good. You deserve to feel FULL of energy, clarity and passion! Marie Forleo

Self-care is more important today than ever before. A Deloitte survey of employees and business leaders in Australia, the US, the UK and Canada found 7 in 10 executives were considering quitting to find a role that better supports their wellbeing.

In one of the key findings from the survey: "It’s well known that the pandemic has had a negative impact on our collective mental as well as physical health. Well-being may now be at an all-time low among both the C-suite and rank-and-file employees: In our research, more than three-quarters of the C-suite (76%) said that the pandemic has negatively affected their well-being, and fewer than two out of three employees rated various dimensions of their health as “excellent” or “good” "

Wellbeing is clearly something we all need to focus on right now!

When we talk about self-care, people often assume we're suggesting something time consuming or expensive. That couldn't be further from the truth! Whether you do yoga in the morning, drink a cup of your favourite tea, take a walk along the beach, make time to speak with a friend, or engage in a rewarding hobby, self-care can be a beautifully simple part of your daily routine.

It's Important to Know when to Call it a Day

In this age of smart phones and tablets, even if we leave the office at our regular time, work Checking and responding to email late at night (or even just after dinner) extends your workday into your downtime. If you can avoid taking work home with you, do so. And don’t stay late at the office unless it’s a true emergency. When work bleeds into all other aspects of our lives, we can quickly become burned out or overly stressed. While there will always be occasions where work has to intrude on non-work time, making a practice of ending your workday at a regular time can help you avoid overload and burnout.

Set Positive Boundaries

A big factor in creating a habit of self-care is setting some positive boundaries. Once you set your boundaries and have communicated them, it's another thing to maintain them! People naturally push boundaries, and they will test you. Here are some strategies that will help you set and maintain some positive boundaries around your new habit of self-care: Maintaining Positive Boundaries

Make it a Habit

Time to put this concept into practice!

Finding something you love and making time to do it supports your wellbeing and career success. It's not even necessary to do the thing you love in the context of work – just knowing it will be part of your day fosters happiness, emotional well-being and fills your cup so you have more to give to others.

How are you taking time for yourself today?

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