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Re-Kindle Creativity after Lockdown

Updated: May 28, 2021

As we’re facing ongoing change, creative problem solving is more important that ever to avoid getting stuck in a rut!

Great news – You don’t have to wait for “normality” to be on fire with ideas, back in that driver’s seat and creating a business and career you love!

Now, the creative problem solving process of course requires that key element – creativity! For anyone feeling stressed, busy or anxious, feeling creative can be a bit of a problem. It can be easy to feel that you aren’t creative, especially in the midst of so much change and uncertainty. This is the sign of a mental block at work.

Here’s the truth though – everyone can tap into creative resources in their brains. Sometimes, is just takes a little extra prodding to re-kindle that spark! Creativity is not something to be turned on and off when needed. The potential for creativity is always there, we just need to learn how to access it.

Here’s our top strategies for creating mental space to re-kindle your creativity:

Get outdoors

Spending time in nature, exercising and getting sunshine and fresh air for even just a few minutes, are sure ways to redirect your brain to a more creative outlook. Try going for a brisk walk or a short bike ride.

Change your perspective

Making changes in your work environment can help jumpstart your brain to think outside the box. Try working on the floor, or sitting at a table in the park.

Breathe deeply

Especially when stressed or anxious, we tend to start breathing shallow. Fill your lungs with air to get extra oxygen to your brain, relax your body and open up your mind to new ideas. Try taking 10 deep breaths by inhaling for 4 seconds, holding a moment, then breathing 4 seconds out.


This is a powerful way to quiet your mind of distractions and find new perspective and focus. There are several great meditation apps you can try, or it can be as simple as focusing on a candle flame.

Write in a journal

This strategy will remove mental clutter and help you identify potential solutions to problems. Try taking 10 minutes at the end of the day to write about your goals, challenges and opportunities. It doesn’t have to be long or even about the specific problem you need to solve, but it does need to be done consistently to deliver the best results.

Choose one or two of the above strategies and implement them consistently for a week, and you’ll re-kindle your creativity. You’ll feel on fire with ideas and right back in that driver’s seat towards your goals!

If you’d like to dive into this a bit deeper, you can get started with a totally free, no obligation strategy session. We’ll take a bird’s eye look at what’s working, where the opportunities are for improvement, and establish direction forwards.

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