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Your Marketing Comfort Zone

Did you know that generating high quality leads is the #1 problem faced by salespeople today? (side note: if you're a small business owner and think you're NOT a salesperson, then you'd best think again!)

You can have the fanciest, most automated sales pipeline in the world and still fall flat if you can't fill it with a consistent stream of customers.

This is where marketing comes in. Don't stop reading just yet, I can hear your excuses coming from here! "I'm not a used-car-salesman, I don't want to be pushy!" Let's look at the top 5 reasons small business owners stay stuck in their safe (and limiting!) comfort zone.

1. I don't have enough time

You can't please everybody - you're not a jar of Nutella! There's only so far you can spread yourself before it's too thin. The key here is to correctly identify the 1-2 channels that are right for you and your business. When you successfully prioritise the right channels, you'll know you're maximising every moment of your time.

2. What I'm doing now is working fine

Another common problem in lead generation is limiting the channels being used. While it's true that you should invest the majority of your time in activities that have a history of success, you should never limit yourself from learning new ways to connect with your customers. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and the marketplace along with it. Continuous learning and adaptation is how successful businesses keep ahead of the curve! Don't risk getting left behind.

3. I want to appeal to everyone

If you try to appeal to everyone, you'll wind up applying to no-one. You need to be specific. Nobody wants to feel like you're only interested in their money! Failure to provide specific value and clearly highlight the benefits will almost always result in potential customers 'tuning out' your message.

4. I don't want to be pushy

Lead generation requires building relationships, and there's a fine art to successful follow up that is helpful rather than overly 'sales-y' or pushy. Get this right, and long term, you'll successfully build a solid customer base for your business with loyal fans and consistent revenue.

5. Lead generation just doesn't work for my business

This excuse can often boil down to a fear of failure. Nobody likes to be rejected or turned down on an offer, and it's difficult to keep making adjustments and climbing back on that horse. It can be so much easier to assume that lead generation just doesn't work. Don't fall into this trap!


People use a number of excuses to avoid lead generation. They include time, money, and lack of customer interest.

Let's discover how to reach your customers in a way that's aligned with the your values and your business. Come to our free workshop in South Perth next week!

We’ll conduct in-depth health check on your current sales pipeline to highlight opportunities and boost your success rate. Join other like minded business owners and enjoy networking and collaboration as part of the event! Register here:

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