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Why You Should Partner With A Career Coach to Find Your Dream Job

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Please click here to book a complimentary session with us to learn how we can help you achieve your career goals much faster.

We all want to devote our working lives to something that is completely aligned with our passions and interests. But the reality is most people get stuck working in one arbitrary job after another.

Partnering with an expert Career Coach enables you to achieve your dream job faster. A qualified coach will help you develop your focus and direction, clearly define your Career Plan, and get you on track for the successful career and lifestyle you deserve.

Working as a career coach has shown me the significant impact finding the right career path can have on a person's happiness and sense of fulfilment in their life. The word ‘coach’ has come to have a very specific meaning – someone who helps you identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in order to assist you in achieving your goals. It also refers to a person who advises others in their personal or professional development, usually on an ongoing basis. A career coach is both of these things rolled into one.

Read on to learn why you should partner with a Career Coach to help you take the next step in your career, instead of going it alone.

Here's why you should seriously consider partnering with a career coach

We know that one of the hardest steps in the process of starting any kind of coaching is determining if it’ll actually be worth it. The second hardest part is knowing where to find a qualified coach.

The same challenges exist for job seekers when it comes to career coaching, especially when not earning a paycheque. It seems counterintuitive to spend money at the precise time when you need to be saving it. So, instead you push forward on your own hoping things will work out, and get frustrated and drained if they don’t.

A career coach will help you to more quickly identify which areas you need to improve on in order to be more successful in your job search. A career coach is an independent contractor who has experience in helping others find work in a wide range of industries, from one-person businesses to multinational corporations. They know exactly what it takes to find a fulfilling, long-term job. You can expect them to challenge you and make you step outside your comfort zone. Not only do they have the experience, but they also have the training to help you reach your goals. Working with a career coach will help you to keep your eye on the prize and focus on what’s important. Your career coach will also help you to avoid the pitfalls that cause most people to give up on their job hunt.

While working with a coach may not be for everyone or for every search, if you’re struggling with the decision, here’s some info on how a Career Coach can help you:

  1. Gain clarity on your purpose and vision – Do you know WHY you’re working towards your goals? Do you know your strategy to achieve them? A career without purpose & vision is what causes confusion, stress and even depression for most people. A coach will help you re-discover these missing keys.

  2. Get results much faster than going it alone – Have you had enough of just saying you’ll change jobs, but never quite following through? When you work with a career coach, it’s not just talk. They work with you to take decisive action, faster than muddling through it by yourself.

  3. Access expert knowledge and advice - Career coaches are well versed in the technical and personal requirements for the roles you are applying for. They provide accurate advice on how your experience and skills would be best utilised and the smartest way to fill any gaps in your knowledge or experience to secure your dream role.

  4. Prepare for job interviews - You need to be well prepared for every job interview. Your Career Coach will equip you to answer key questions and feel confident in the lead up to the interview.

  5. Keep yourself accountable by someone who is there for you, 100% . Your coach will keep you on track. You’ll receive personal one-on-one guidance, helping you every step of the way.

What does a career coach do?

When you work with a career coach, they will help you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. Once you’ve identified where the opportunities are, they will help you to come up with a plan for improvement. You’ll take time to reflect on your past experiences, identify the skills you’ve acquired, and come up with a strategy for acquiring new skills to get you where you want to be. If you’re applying for a job in a new industry, a career coach will help you up skill to make that transition. If the job you’re applying for requires experience that you don’t have, a career coach will help you come up with a plan for gaining that experience.

If you do consider hiring a coach, it’s important to understand their role. They are not headhunters, therapists, or placement professionals. Career coaches are skilled advisors who help you to clarify your career plan, personal brand, professional documents (i.e., resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile), as well as improve your networking strategy, prepare you for interviews, and build your confidence through feedback and insight. They can also serve as accountability coaches to help you stay focused throughout the job search.

Who is the Views PD Career Coaching program for?

The coaching program is designed for people at all stages of their career who are committed to finding fulfilling, meaningful work.

Partnering with a qualified career coach can help you if:

  • You’ve recently graduated and want to make a strong start to your career.

  • If you’ve been in the workforce for a while, but you’ve never really been happy with your job, a career coach can help you to identify what’s missing and come up with ways to change the situation.

  • If you’re in a job that you love, but it doesn’t pay enough or offer enough advancement opportunities, a career coach can help you to come up with a plan to transition to a more lucrative or advanced position.

  • It's been a long time since you last changed roles.

  • You’re looking to make a significant change in role or industry.

  • You don’t have a strong existing network in your desired industry.

  • You haven’t updated your resume or LinkedIn profile for a few years.

  • You’re still exploring and don’t have a clear target or career goal.

  • You’re running 'from' versus running 'to' a new opportunity.

  • You’re in a negative place due to long unemployment or a negative experience at your prior company.

  • You’re stuck in a job search rut, searching for a few months and not getting any bites.

  • You consistently make it to the first interview, but never the second.

These are just a few of the reasons you might consider hiring a career coach, but many professionals who aren’t facing these challenges can find benefit from working with an objective partner during their transition, so it’s worth thinking about. A career coach can help you to identify what’s holding you back from getting the job you want.

If you’re looking to grow your long-term career success, find your focus, distinguish yourself in your field and create balance in your world, this program is for you.

Here’s the top 5 reasons our Clients give for working with a Career Coach

  1. Find more meaningful work: “I want to find a more meaningful and fulfilling role. Utilise my creativity, skills and abilities to not only benefit myself but help others also.”

  2. Be recognised for achievements: “I want to position myself as an expert or leader in an area I'm genuinely passionate about. To make a valuable and lasting contribution to my community and to society. It’s important to me to mentor others in my industry.”

  3. Improve their financial situation: “I want to increase my earning potential, get out of debt and save money for the future.”

  4. Create the lifestyle they desire: “I want to create the work life balance I desire. To be in a place where I can meet new people, travel, learn new skills and gain new experiences.”

We work with these high achievers and enable them to excel in their field and create the successful, fulfilling career and life they deserve.

You can’t see the forest for the trees.

Finding your passion can be a difficult process. You might spend weeks or even months reflecting on your dreams and interests to come up with something that you think you’d enjoy. But as soon as you try to apply that interest to the real world, you quickly run into problems. You realize that the career path you want to pursue is very competitive, and you aren’t sure how to break into it. Or you find that the path is more difficult than you originally thought. You’ve applied to the jobs you think you’d enjoy, but you can’t seem to get any interviews or job offers. You have no idea how hiring managers think or what they’re actually looking for in candidates.

You’re just about to settle for something that you’re less excited about. But you’re not ready to give up on your dream job just yet. You’re willing to take some risks and put in the hard work necessary to make your career dreams a reality.

The job hunt is painfully slow.

Finding a career path that you’re excited about and applying for jobs in that field can take a long time. Even if you’re incredibly qualified and are doing everything right, you might only get one or two interviews a month. You might only get one or two job offers a month. It can be frustrating to wait so long between each job search milestone. But if you partner with a career coach, they can help you to stay motivated throughout the long job hunt. They can also help you to make sure that you’re continuing to make progress toward your goals even when you don’t have any major accomplishments to show for your efforts.

About Views PD Career Coaching Programs

The truth is, more and more people are using coaches these days to help support them in all areas of their lives and as a result, they are experiencing far more fulfilment. The main thing we focus on is making sure you are gaining the results you desire in your career, implementing each step with defined strategy and action items.

Views PD Coaching and Training is targeted at the effective implementation of successful business strategies, leadership skills, professional and personal development abilities, confidence and self-coaching techniques to create lasting change in your career and your life. Views PD coaching programs cover each element of your career growth and success in a strategic approach. You can learn more about the 8 week Career FAST-Track coaching program here.

What do people say about career coaching?

Hear from some of our recent clients about their experience:

If anyone needs any help with developing a plan to build their career and is looking for someone to provide some guidance, structure, support and accountability, I would definitely recommend you speak with Trinity and Views Professional Development.

Sharon, Executive Area Manager

I continue to use Trinity's services on an ongoing basis. The way in which she approaches helping & coaching her clients ensures that they really get results. She's professional & highly knowledgeable but also extremely down to earth.

Ross, Director

Truly, thank you for being so supportive and encouraging. Your course has given me so much structure, stability, insight and confidence! I learnt so much from our session, you have a way of explaining this which makes so much sense to me. You simplify things in a clear way and your creative ways make it fun to listen! My perspective and direction in life feels like it has come into fruition effortlessly.

Susie Marie, Customer Service Professional


In the end, there are only benefits to having an expert on your side when moving forward in your career.

Finding the perfect job can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. You can speed up the process and increase your chances of success if you partner with a career coach. A career coach can help you to identify what you need to improve on in order to be more successful in your job search. They can also help you to come up with a plan for acquiring new skills or increasing your experience if necessary. A career coach can also help you to come up with a plan for building your professional network in your desired industry.

Get in contact with us today and see how building a solid relationship with a Career Coach can entirely change your game. This really is an exciting time for you, as we have seen so many others in similar situations go on to create truly incredible lives and successful careers doing what they love and living on purpose!

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