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5 Ways To Use ChatGPT To Cut Your Admin Time In Half

ChatGPT has created so many possibilities for improving the way we work in any career. One of the most practical uses of this tool is to cut down your admin time by drafting documents, preparing summaries and writing outlines for reports and presentations. Did I use ChatGPT to help write this article? You betcha! Is it word for word? Absolutely not. It's not automatic, you can't just copy and paste. To get the most out of ChatGPT, you need to understand prompts and use cases, as well as insert your unique personalisations.

That said, it sure gives you a heck of a head start when it comes to admin-related tasks! Here's our 5 favourite ways to use ChatGPT to cut down admin time everyday:

1. Email Management

One of the top pain points in any career is the time-consuming task of managing emails. Let's say you're working at a marketing company, and you're constantly inundated with emails from clients. With ChatGPT, you can have a writing assistant draft professional-sounding emails and other written communication. What a time-saver!

For example, you can say "Compose an email to invite clients to our upcoming event on Friday at 7 PM" or "Please compose an email to the project team requesting an update on the Jones advertising campaign prior to the launch."

Next, refine the response by prompting changes such as "change the tone to be more friendly and excited" or "make the request urgent".

This gives you a great starting point. Simply make a few adjustments and personalisations, and you're ready to hit send!

2. Meeting Documents

You can use ChatGPT to generate meeting notes including the main points to be discussed and any action items. It can also draft other documents related to the meeting such as agendas, minutes, and follow-up emails.

Try these prompts: "Generate meeting notes for the weekly marketing team meeting" or "Can you create an agenda for the upcoming meeting on [topic of meeting]."

3. Executive Summaries

Research is another big one for time, particularly if you have a role where you regularly prepare executive summaries for your boss or the board. Now, you can easily conduct research by providing the model with keywords and phrases related to the topic. Save time reading pages of articles or even books on the topic!

For example, "Create a bullet point summary of this article: [paste article]" or "Can you please research and provide a summary of the latest market trends for electric cars in Australia?"

It can even summarise reports for you, saving you huge amounts of reading time. Try: "Create an executive summary of this report, and include a bullet point list of the 5 key points: [paste report text]"

To take this to the next level, try asking for more information on any point. For example, if you'd like to know a little more about point 3 from the summary example above, try prompting "expand on point 3".

4. Reports and Presentations

You can get a huge head start on your reports and presentations with ChatGPT. Use it to generate the initial outlines and, once you've refined the outline, ask it to populate each point with content.

For example, "Write an outline for a presentation onboarding new clients", then "write an engaging introduction to the presentation noting the key points which we will be covering"

Or "Generate a report on the topic of LinkedIn advertising for Australian small businesses, including an overview, key findings, and recommendations."

5. Social Media Posts

Everyone knows preparing the company social media posts can be a hassle! Here's how you can easily create engaging and professional-sounding posts that will help increase brand awareness and reach more potential customers. Try, "Generate a social media post for our new product launch, including key features and benefits" or "Can you compose a tweet for our company's anniversary, highlighting our achievements and thanking our customers for their support?"


ChatGPT arriving on the scene means big things across many careers. Learning how to use it effectively will save you a tonne of admin time, freeing you up to focus on developing your future-proof skills such as interpersonal skills, business strategy and problem solving.

With ChatGPT, you can finally have the time to focus on the more important and strategic work that will help you to excel in your role. Give it a try and experience the difference it can make in your workday, like it has to ours!

Ready for more? I'd love to talk with you. Whenever you want some assistance in your career, book a complimentary session and hear how we can help:

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