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How to Take Bold, Brave Action Towards Your Goal

Daily habits to build the career of your dreams #6/7: take 10 seconds of bold, brave action towards your goal.

It's one thing to have goals and visualise your dream career, and quite another to take bold action towards it!

Remember: Life rewards action.

Most high-achievers stall out because they wait to feel 100% confident before they take action.

The problem is, if you wait to feel confident, you’ll never take the action you need to progress. Waiting until you feel ready might seem like the safe option, but it’s going to stop you from achieving your goals. Instead, you have to reverse your thinking...

You have to take action in order to feel confident!

Taking bold, brave action towards your goal actually makes you feel confident. Your action is proof that you're resilient, that you have the knowledge, skills, abilities, and strengths to succeed. Confidence is a byproduct of success. It’s an outcome, not a prerequisite.

Self-confidence is a belief in yourself, and freedom from doubt. When you believe you can change things or make a difference, you are much more likely to succeed. As a self-confident person, you walk with a bounce in your step. You can control your thoughts and emotions and influence others. You are more prepared to tackle everyday challenges and recover from setbacks. This creates greater success and higher achievements in your career.

And it all begins with ACTION.

One of the most underrated secrets is to start before you're ready. Marie Forleo

So here's your new daily habit: Each day, take one small, brave step towards your goal. This could be sending a proposal, finalising a document, or making a phone call. It doesn't matter how small the step is, just as long as you take it! Before you know it, your consistency will build into momentum and you'll be making great progress.

If you're stuck in uncertainty on what this step should be, we hear you. It's not always easy, but as Marie Forleo says, the secret is to just start!

Try using these four key questions to generate responses and create preliminary actions towards your goals:

1. What hurts, or feels bad?

EG: The long commute to work.

Action: Explore a hybrid or working from home option.

2. What are you hungry for?

EG: A promotion.

Action: Put your hand up for a project to highlight your contribution above and beyond your current role.

3. What are your dreams?

EG: A lifestyle where I can take care of my health and enjoy my environment.

Action: Wake up early to go for a walk on the beach before work.

4. What are the little comforts?

EG: Relaxation.

Action: Book a massage.

Dive further into this concept by reading our article How to Move Forward with Certainty.

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