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Use ChatGPT to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? You've probably noticed the platform is a bit like a bustling city: it's full of opportunities, but it's also crowded, and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Today we want to share a little secret weapon that'll help you update your profile, in less time than it takes to finish your coffee. Here's a neat little trick you can try right now with ChatGPT: Give This Quick LinkedIn Tip a Whirl 1. Export your LinkedIn profile to PDF (it’s under the “more” button next to “Add Profile Section” on your profile). Select all and copy to clipboard.

2. Fire up ChatGPT and type: "Suggest improvements for my LinkedIn profile as an [insert your job title or desired job title]. Here’s my current profile: [paste your profile].

3. Take a peek at what the AI comes up with. You might find suggestions for sprucing up your headline, jazzing up your summary, or even re-wording your experience descriptions.

4. Review the suggestions and apply your genuine personality to them. Remember the 80:20 rule of ChatGPT! AI tools are most effective when they save you time on baseline tasks, allowing you to focus your energy on the more personal and nuanced aspects of updating your profile. Let AI do 80% of the preliminary work, but make sure to spend 20% of your time editing, personalising and authenticating the information to best represent you

5. Put these suggestions into action on your LinkedIn profile.

Just like that, you've used AI to turn your profile into a magnet that pulls in the opportunities you want! Want More Tricks Up Your Sleeve? That's just one of the many ways you can use ChatGPT to get ahead in your job search. If you're curious about more (and trust us, there's plenty more!), we're cooking up a fantastic webinar: "The AI Advantage: Improve your Job Search and Career using ChatGPT". In this session, we'll be chatting about how you can use AI to write a killer resume, craft compelling cover letters, and ace those nerve-racking interviews. Plus, we'll be sharing more cool tricks like the one above. You can save your spot here.

That's all for this week. Let's make your job search easier, and let's make sure the world sees the talented professional you are. Remember, your dream job is possible, and we're here to help you achieve it! Have a wonderful weekend, Trinity James (on behalf of myself and Andrea)

PS: When you're ready, here's 2 ways we can help you... 1 / If you're ready to achieve greater results in your career, I'm here to make that happen! Let's jump on a quick zoom call - you can book into my calendar here: Book Session 2 / Thinking of a job change? You don't need to go it alone. Take the pressure off yourself and increase the chances of success through our services: Resume and Cover Letter LinkedIn Profile Interview Preparation Know someone who'd like this newsletter? Please forward it on!

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